Our plastic is environmental friendly, Biodegradable products are available

Company Profile

Thermoplast Co. Ltd

Established in 1971 by Gerard Haladjian, Thermoplast Co. Ltd is specialized in manufacturing all types of packaging and flexible wrapping materials, with PE high quality printed rolls and bags. The company caters to an extensive list of foodstuff industries, including manufacturers of candy, potato chips, biscuits and chocolates, to name but a few.

In response to an increased demand in Thermoplast products, the company is moving to larger premises at a new location in Lebanon. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters the company employs a highly qualified and trained staff of 35. With up-to-date equipment and over 40 years of experience to its credit, Thermoplast is capable of accommodating a wide variety of packaging requests to the specifications of the client. In 2010, Chahe Gerard Haladjian extended his line in the disposable market starting with plastic cups & environmental friendly plastic.

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